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List of Published Notifications
Dept. NameNotification No.Gazette No.Notification SubjectNotification DateNotification TypePage StartPage End.
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  4155 876 Jharkhand Goods and Services Tax (Twelfth Amendment) Rules, 201714/11/2017Extra Ordinary116876_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4132 874 41 of 2017 State Tax (Rate)- to amend notification 1 of 2017-State Tax (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary171874_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4133 875 42 of 2017-State Tax (Rate)- to amend notification 2 of 2017-State Tax (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary110875_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4134 869 43 of 2017 -State Tax (Rate)- to amend notification 4 of 2017-State Tax (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary13869_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4135 870 44 of 2017 -State Tax (Rate)-to amend notification 5 of 2017-State Tax (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary13870_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4136 871 45 of 2017- State Tax (Rate)- to prescribe 2.5% C GST Rate to Scientific and technical instruments14/11/2017Extra Ordinary114871_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4137 872 46. of 2017-ST (Rate)_Amendment to Notification 11-2017 - ST (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary18872_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4138 873 47 of 2017-ST (Rate)_Amendment to Notification 12-2017 - ST (Rate)14/11/2017Extra Ordinary14873_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4156 877 Last date for filing of return in FORM GSTR-3B14/11/2017Extra Ordinary13877_2_2017.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  L.No. 4157 878 Time period for furnishing the details in FORM GSTR-114/11/2017Extra Ordinary13878_2_2017.pdf

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